Indigitous Nairobi Conference – next steps

We’re so glad you have been part of Indigitous Nairobi Conference this week. It’s been a great few days of learning and exploring together. God has also forged many meaningful connections between many of you.

Keep trusting the Lord to clarify your vision, and strengthen your relationships with each other.

Here are some resources as you continue in your joining in being Indigitous – and the digital missionary God has called you to be!

Do join the Indigitous community too, to connect with other like-minded, like-hearted individuals who desire to ‘use their talents for God in the digital space’!

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Other Resources to help you get started

JF Media and GodToolsGodTools app – a wonderful mobile app that allows you share your faith in 69 langugages

Jesus Film Media app – 1600 languages, 203 films, 200k downloads. Excellent tool to have in your pocket. Helpful to kickstart conversations.

Social Media for Missions – a very helpful PDF by our friends at MMF

iKan2 disicipleship videos created by students for students. Perhaps an inspiration to do your own?

FallingPlates (shortfilm) – 5 mil views on YouTube, a film about Life, Love and Death of a Saviour. Very powerful! –  answers to many questions people ask about life, God, the Bible and everyday issues.

Digital Outreach campaign – run you own digital outreach with your youth group.

Understanding your Audience, Creating Personas – webinar and a Persona Creation Kit.

Social Media for Ministry – lots of creative ideas and practical ‘how-to’s at this comprehensive site. From our friends at Cru


Some Inspiring Stories and Ideas

Changing Lives through Boiling Waters – Philippines FB page that has touched millions and ministers to thousands.

Digital Day of Outreach (using WatchThinkChat)

FaceBook ads helps open up Campus ministry

Expedition Teams in Europe help surface key students

Using Digital Strategies to Launch a Movement

Using Games to Engage Campus Students

Using SMS to engage your audience



Get inspired. Many more stories and ideas on



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