Providing completely copyright-free discipleship training resources in many languages
Church Growth, Discipleship, Evangelism, Scripture Translation


We provide simple training resources on all the necessary essentials when discipling new believers. Everything is completely copyright-free and available as PDF files for easy printing and starting. The special feature: We provide the same worksheet in different languages so that they can used side-by-side when discipling people who have a different native language you don’t even speak.

Besides, we provide information on Bible translations into different languages: What are the characteristics of this particular translation (for which people is it recommendable, for which not)? How do I get it on my phone? Where do I find audio recordings etc.?

Currently, we have translations into 44 different languages and provide worksheets on essential topics like God’s Story, Baptism, Prayer, DBS, Church, Forgiveness and Healing.

We’d be very happy about support in the areas of design, coding (PHP: based on mediawiki, Python: would be very helpful for support tool) and translation.

Anyone who wants to make disciples, especially when trying to bridge language barriers


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