App for Japanese Believers

App for Japanese Believers
Let's Encourage the Beleaguered Believers in Japan!
Church Growth, Discipleship, Scripture Engagement

We are an indigenous broadcast evangelism ministry in Japan, started shortly after WWII. We have 31 cross denominational church associations around Japan; the churches in the association cooperate on fundraising and follow up, then broadcast our programming over local commercial stations to reach their local communities. (No Christian stations in Japan.) We have a daily and weekly radio programs, and a weekly TV program.

The churches have been asking us to develop a mobile app that has our programming in it so, 1) church members can more easily introduce our evangelistic programming to unsaved friends and family, and 2) so church members can access the programs on demand.

The church in Japan is very small, and is shrinking. It is one of the few countries where Christianity is losing ground. We would love to be able to encourage the believers by providing this app.

I’m still not clear on how works, but if there are Christian app developers here, we’d love your help getting this app up and running asap.

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