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Be Seen
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‘Be Seen’ is an app initially began developing at C4TK#London 2016 but never quite reached a MVP stage, as there were issues with the  UX/UI – specifically image sizing.
The app is aimed at creating a support network for anyone who needs it (re: suicide alert / mental health/ addiction / young people / medical health issues etc. ) with an alert to the chosen ‘allies’ (support network)- see the promo video for example of use. There is already a recovery group interested in using the app. And I would like to see it developed for android and iOS platforms.
Here’s a video of how I envisage the UX/UI to look like- it includes screen shots of how the current app looks on my phone (Xperia Z2). And here’s the quick promo video I did one night whilst we were developing the app to give you an idea of how it could be used.
Appreciate any android / iOS developers who can help
Together let’s save lives 🙂


support for young people re Mental health - / Addictive behaviour
young people who need support re mental health / addictive behaviours


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