Bery : Bible Media Picture Dictionary

Bery : Bible Media Picture Dictionary
Project Impact : Visual media as both access point,and reference point, for Bible Engagement for all ages, especially youth (Alpha and Digital Generations). 
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“Bery” Project
(Bible Pictionary): 

a Bible Media Picture Dictionary  

Can be used as a Quiz Maker, Teaching Reference Tool, Curriculum Developer/Enhancer, … and a fun visual daily personal app/notification.

09-11 October 2020




  1. Nikos Septian (from Solo) – Lead 1 
  2. Lukas Ardandireza (from Solo) – Lead 2
  3. Alrynto (from Jakarta)
  4. Vegi Olkit Toenlioe (from Malang)
  5. Yuni Wahyuni (from Jakarta)
  6. Ruth Ema Febrita (from Malang)


Hack Challenge = Creative ways to engage and deepen digital generations Biblically.

Alpha generation is so exposed with digital media and gadget. How to reach out to them using tools that are engaging with their needs? “Bery” Project provides not only fun games but also rich biblical references, images and media for kids to explore the biblical world (stories, peoples, places, and concepts) through their fingers. And, How do we equip teachers to engage this new digital generation? “Bery” Project provides an extensive “Bible Media Picture Dictionary” or ‘Bible Pictionary’ – a picture is worth a thousand words – of thousands of images/clips from dozens of types of sources and resources that can be used to enhance any curriculum, or just for fun and discovery. And, each and every image is connected to deep digs and dives of supporting sites, resources and tools.  


Kids nowadays love to learn things mostly from digital media, therefore kids always play with their gadgets either for doing their school works or playing games. Why not taking these advantages to help them learn about the biblical world and bring them close to Christ. That is why “Bery” Project was made.

Bible Pictionary is not just an app that provides almost unlimited illustrations/pictures/graphics for Bible Stories. This is a mobile generator application based on a Media Dictionary (or DataBase) of Bible Pictures: it can function as a Visual Quiz Maker, Image based Teaching Reference Tool, Curriculum Development/Enhancement with Media, and even as app to receive/share a fun visual source of daily personal Bible PicturesIt provides method to generate a list of visual quizzes (Bible Ask) and information about the Bible (Bible Info) that is used for the study of God’s Word. This will help the children (and teacher too) to have interaction with God’s word!

          Bible Ask

It provides unlimited unique Bible Picture quizzes with many levels of difficulties. It will ASK, using Bible Stories Pictures/Images as the source of questions. And the answers/images for each ASK have simple but extensive links to Kids Bible Study/Dictionary/Fun Zone, etc.

          Bible Info

It provides INFO-rmations from the Bible P(D)ictionary that are displayed in an interesting way to lead children to explore important information in the Bible. They will get INFO-rmation in the form of a Bible Comic page with a short, easy-to-understand reference, or further Clips/Video, and more.

          Bible Ref / Lib

It provides all images related to a particular Bible REFerence (Book/Chapter), or Picture, or Story. This Bible Pictionary becomes a media LIBrary that allows for a teacher to quickly prepare extra illustrations/REFerences for an existing curriculum, or even use it as a simple substitute curriculum, because every Picture/Image has direct links to both its source, and to related online integrated bible study site and resources (regular, and advanced). 

All features and data will also serve as a REFerence and LIBrary for Sunday School teachers or parents to invite their children to know God’s word!  … And, each is easily shared!


Several applications focus on attracting children to become consumers / connoisseurs of Bible comics and Bible story films. Bible Pictionary educates children and parents to also understand and deepen any information in the Bible that they read / see. We know that only with the right understanding, can children learn and apply God’s word correctly.

Bery, the Bible Picture Dictionary is also a potential tool for conducting interactive Bible studies for children with parents / teachers. Bible Pictionary can expose users to lack of biblical information that they know which prompts them to reflect, “Why am I reading Bible comics or hearing Bible stories?”

Project Impact : Visual media as both access point,and reference point, for Bible Engagement for all ages, especially youth (Alpha and Digital Generations).  

IF we are not Media-First, Visual-First, Picture-First, then we have already lost an entire “non-text” generation, and will not win them back.
AND, with only text, we will not be able to reach them, nor through them, nor beyond them … to share to others who do not know Jesus or the bible. 

This project is simple but powerful; Bery speaks to both Relevance of the Gospel Message (Media/Visual), and the Future of the Church (DigitalGenerations).


1. A major accomplishment the team achieved during #HACK. 

A solid team work. Six members of the team are Christian young professionals from many cities in Indonesia. They don’t know each other before except the 2 Team Lead. They become very good friends and they promised to each other they will continue this project til finish even when the Hack is over. 

Practically, we developed,
1.  an “Image Library/Database” that can be used as a “Bible Picture Dictionary”. It has lots of images, is easily increased, and we have sources/plans to expand it.
2. a simple UI App(FrontEnd) for ASK – to be able to make and display quizzes. and for INFO and REF – to be able to dig deeper, enhance curriculums/teachers, and to have more fun.  

BERY won two prizes at #CodeForGOD Indonesia Hack 2020

    – Best Biblika Project (1st Place).
    – Best Presentation Project (1st Place).       // Thanks you to everyone.

2. What our project can do.

It can already do lots of things, see above. Application that generates a list of visual questions/quizzes and information and references about the Bible that is used for the study of God’s Word interactively and for free. To accommodate the user’s great curiosity about God’s Word, each of the materials in this application are also integrated into the Komik.APP website; a site that has an ecosystem for comic based bible study, as well as more a more advanced system of integrated bible study. And, it can be fun.


Our team wants to continue.
We want to: 

  • Finish the App (UI) and APK, expand the Media Libary/Dictionary, and add extra functions.
         Lots of work still needs to be done, but  the RapidPrototype works, and the Concept is Proved. 
  •  Work with Partners, to further source content, including SABDA, and others: 
         We are open to curated materials (pictures, text, stories, and etc.,) contribution from users or communities.
  • Promote the app to churches, sunday school (to kids and teachers), youth communities and the leaders.
          We will actively seek partners and church/ministry friends have indicated how much this could help them.
  • Offer this to help religion teachers in schools, private and government both have requirements for religious education.
  • Explore evangelistic/missiological uses, especially to other languages — Pictures are almost language independent.
  • Pray for wisdom, for strength, for perseverance, and most of all for humbler hearts. This is for His Work.
  • Thank all the organizing committees (Indonesia, and others) for this opportunity to #Hack, coming to gather and #CodeForGOD!!



Indonesian Christians; Youth and Teachers
Next Generation Body of Christ in Indonesia
SABDA; Many Indonesia Organizations; CodeForGOD


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