Bible Songs Collection (automated with Javascript, or Python, etc.)

Bible Songs Collection (automated with Javascript, or Python, etc.)
Bible Song Library with Automatic Additions
Church Growth, Community, Discipleship, Education, Evangelism, Missions, Scripture Engagement

You can use music to memorize entire chapters of the Bible.
After collecting thousands of Bible songs from hundreds of artists,
several years ago I gave up on trying to keep my website up to date, because English Bible songs were exploding, and there were many new artists.
This is the main function I would like:
I’ve got a list of terms I can add to, with how ‘deep’ I want the search to go (for most searches, this is 4 pages at most). Part of the code is commented, telling me which section of the code to turn off when I only want to search Youtube instead of also Google.
When that code is run, it does Google searches for each of a list of search terms, such as ‘Bible song 1 Corinthians.’ It takes the beginnings of the urls, and the titles of each webpage. If the beginning of the url is not included in my webpage collection already, (and not included in notForCollection), the link is copied, run through or something like it, and if no virus is detected, the link is added to a text file newSites.
(I will later open those links, and put some of them in notForCollection.)
Identical process for Youtube.
The other main thing that would help is something that takes all the mp3 or Youtube links and pairs them with the title and channel or website:
<a href=”videoLink”>1 Corinthians 15 Bible song</a>, from <a href=”ytURL”>Fred’s Youtube channel</a>
<a href=”mp3Link”>John 3 Bible song</a>, from Star’s <a href=”websiteUrl”>website</a>
Please let me know if you would like to meet and get a better idea of the goals and functionality.
Also, if there’s any way to automatically hide dead links, I would love to know about that!

Speakers of English, Spanish, Portuguese, Hebrew, and Punjabi (and other languages which have less Bible songs so far)


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