Blessing Supply Chain

Blessing Supply Chain
Generosity is not about give money but a lifestyle like HE who already crucified for us

Blessing Supply Chain (BSC) is a Social Crowdfunding Platform especially for Indonesian people who in needs or one who wants to make their/other dreams come true.

There are so many people especially in Indonesia who still need help from other people. The poor, the sick, even the rich still need help from other people. The poor need money for survive, the sick need medical treatment and the rich need trusted place or platform to share their gift for the poor and the sick. That is why BSC is here to help those people.

For starter, there are gonna be three categories that can be funded, Education, Health and Charity. Education for people who want to study more but don’t have enough money. Health for people who don’t have enough money for medical treatment. And Charity for people who want to bless their community but need more money.

The Poor, The Sick, The Rich. (in short Everyone)
Poor people who can't go to school/university because of money, sick people who can't get medical treatment because don't have enough money or no good hospital near them, and one who wants to help the poor and the sick.
Whatsapp, Freedcamp


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