Boise Bible Box Pi!

Boise Bible Box Pi!
Sharing Christ's Love in one small box!
Community, Discipleship, Education, Evangelism, Humanitarian Aid, Missions

Over the course of 67 hours, Hack participants around the world worked on porting the Bible Box Software onto the Raspberry Pi 3, as a new solution to the router problem.

Solutions for the new Raspberry Pi forked into many different projects. One group began coding the software to create a prototype that had set of instructions for the build using Linux, Python and Javascript. They worked on the infrastructure of the build, as well as the front end and back end development.

Another group worked on a solution for battery power to the Raspberry Pi 3. In their experimenting, one group found that a car battery, or a jumpstarter was a viable solution for power to the Raspberry Pi, and more easily accessible on the mission field.

Other groups used 3D modeling software programs to create a 3D case and box design that would provide security and protection for the Bible Box.

Many goals were met, and significant progress was made on creating the Bible Box Software.

Project Video Here

Indigenous People who need humanitarian aid, education, and evangelism and discipleship tools.
Mission Aviation Fellowship


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