Breaking Christian game stereotypes

Breaking Christian game stereotypes
Simple fun smartphone game using biblical characters to break stereotypes
Creating Culture, Evangelism


Christianity is often viewed as old, boring and not fun. This is perpetuated by many Christian games which can often be more about preaching to someone than actually fun game mechanics.

This is a game that is fun for anyone to play where they would pull it out in a waiting room or on the toliet for example and just enjoy wasting time. Its themed with biblical characters and settings so people can get a light hearted introduction to christianity.

This game is intentionally meant to be fun, simple and easy in response to this. It’s not trying to convert anyone, nor teach them morals. It’s simply just a fun game that incorporates Jesus into the gameplay.

Using the mobile platform and having it as a casual game means that people can play it whenever they just want to have something to do on their phone. It doesn’t require much for people to interact with, allowing it to be more easily and readily used.

Skills needed

  • app devs
  • creative writers
  • animators
  • 3d modelling
  • illustrators
  • UI/UX design
  • desire to explore a new way to present the gospel
10-50yrs with time to waste
Smartphone gamers
Power to Change Australia
Slack #gamewithjesus


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