Connect Network Administrator

Connect Network Administrator
To provide the global Great Commission community a tool to CONNECT, COLLABORATE, AND COMMUNICATE so that all peoples will be discipled.
Church Growth, Community, Discipleship, Evangelism, Missions, Prayer, Service

Connect Network
The Connect Network is focused on the social networking opportunities for the furtherance of Great Commission collaborative efforts.   The Global Great Commission Network has developed Connect as a secure, online, collaborative platform.  A growing number of networks have begun using Connect for intra-agency communication among their leadership and others are beginning the process of implementing Connect as their primary communication tool across their membership.  We believe this will lead to greater interagency communication as members are successfully connecting with mission leaders from around the world.  We are excited about this project and encouraged that this is a tool that will encourage more people to CONNECT, COLLABORATE, AND COMMUNICATE within the mission community as calendar events are shared, causes are championed, projects are promoted and discussions are started.

Volunteer & Personnel Needs:

  • Connect network administrator

An experienced IT System Administrator is needed for both and  Both are WordPress sites with the Connect site using Buddypress for our networking tools.  The Connect site is where we anticipate significant growth and a need for oversight of this network.

Requirements: PHP & MySQL, Basic HTML & CSS. Management and Troubleshooting Abilities for WordPress and Buddypress Sites, Plugins, and Themes. Knowledge of PLESK for Server management and maintenance.

  • Individuals with WordPress and internet programming skills to serve on the Connect development team

Personnel with IT/network/web experience to be part of the continued development of Connect. Some of the same requirements as the network administrator but not requiring a leadership role.

If you have an interest in helping, the time to contribute to the development, and programming and web skills that you can offer, please contact  Work is going forward to identify networks or associations interested in exploring how they can effectively manage their internal communications by utilizing Connect.  Once a network or organization joins Connect, they can invite their own members, establish and manage their own Groups, either Public for the purpose of education and exposure or Private or even completely Hidden Groups for internal communication.


GGCN and Connect seeks to serve all Great Commission Organizations and Christians, including mission associations, agencies, churches, individuals, networks, and other ministries globally who share the vision of every people group reached and in the process of being discipled in this generation.
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