Cru Stock

Cru Stock
Telling the story of Cru through images and videos that demonstates to others that we are a caring community passionate about connecting people to Jesus Christ.
Community, Creating Culture, Education, Missions, Research

This site is in the process of GROWING! Right now the main resource is photos which are located in a password protected Photos folder available to Cru designers and creatives. If you’re interested in accessing the folder, contact Joshua Felix, the project administrator .The photos in these galleries will initially be for the use of Cru designers only to help communicate and leverage the Cru Brand.

We are also in the process of populating the Graphics folder which is a resource open to ALL Cru staff members to download, use, and personalize the graphics and templates to your specific Cru community, campus, or ministry.

In general, we want to build out a repository of Cru brand compliant images and video that will provide a first-stop, brand conscious, searchable database, containing a wealth of media resources for projects and initiatives.

Internal Cru Staff and Volunteers, Like-minded individuals, Mutli-ethnic, Donors, Potential Partners
Other Cru Strategies


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