Food for Today – Nepal

Food for Today – Nepal
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This website facilitates the efficient growing, buying, and selling of food locally, the items needed to most effectively grow food, and the sharing of information to increase productivity.

Ideally, if you can use Python to make a downloadable app version, that will be easier for me to find programmers to keep the app and website updated. I might be able to. If you prefer to use something like PWA (Progressive Web App), I understand.

The main purpose of this website, which will serve as a template for other nations, is to provide immediate food for those who would otherwise starve, and to equip locals to sustain their communities and help their communities flourish. Where Amazon is not available, and especially where lockdowns and closed roads are decimating Christian sectors through starvation, the need to provide a way for pastors to feed their families is great. They are ready and willing, fasting and praying, for innovative ways to reach out to other Nepalese. Seeing God providing not just for Christians, but providing a surplus to reach out to others, will help those of other worldviews to consider these families’ claims as they share the word of God.

This website will connect everyone with half an acre of usable land with those able to invest in future harvests. Specifically, this website will be a tool to connect Nepalese farmers with merchandisers. Cell phone access or accessing the network through phone calls will be required. Such communications will be partly facilitated by making available (sometimes temporary) ‘safe-houses’ where Christians can utilize a few hours or a few days of internet access unmolested.

This website will be especially helpful individual farmers, and to organizations such as schools, church denominations, prisons, and Buddhist groups that have small plots of land. It will even benefit individuals who want to use their backyard strategically. It will also help educate and coordinate the national efforts of those with large amounts of land.

Merchandisers will also benefit greatly, and people provided with work, transportation, food, and items used for growing food. Part of the outreach will be ‘merely social’ (especially in urban areas, the gospel will not be as obtrusive as in some of the smaller tribes and rural areas where pastor contacts will be sharing more openly). Some of the more overt outreach will include providing (mostly small) church buildings.

My Nepali contacts and their business associates are the initial field connections in providing insight into how continually adapt this site project to expand the kingdom of God among the Nepali people.

The “bare-bones” absolute essential functions for this website are:
1) The option for users to add and update items, sources of items, links, prices, timings of when items might be available or unavailable. So there will also need to be a way for the moderator to see suspicious activity flagged (i. e., hackers generating false information, or people with many bad ratings). And there needs to be a way for people to report potentially-problematic input.
2) The option for users to rate the accuracy of each others’ claims.
* For example, if a transportation service is being rated, the user might say, “This boy on a bike never delivered,” or, “This truck service has consistently arrived on time for every one of my 30 orders the last several months.”
3) The content needs advanced sorting options allowing the users to find and advertise items; animals; locations; prices; combinations of transportation services; the descriptions and conditions of these and of projected food sources generated; and the names of buyers, sellers, and their recommenders, if they choose to make those viewable to other specific categories of people (otherwise everyone should use pseudonyms, to distance potential online tracking of Christians that could contribute to their incarceration).
To further sketch the transportation services, some roads might only have one truck service available, whereas there might be 80 bike boys to choose from, in certain cities, for small orders.)

The image was modified from the Creative Commons image here:

Ultimately, non-Christians reached through the efforts of Christians, through a business framework including non-Christians
Need a few hours phone or internet access, probably at least once a month. Phone-chain communication might be an option for some areas, via overseers.


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