Go Mission

Go Mission
Create a solution for motivating Christians to use the many free digital outreach resources now available.
Church Growth, Creating Culture, Evangelism, Missions

The mission of the Church is to extend the Kingdom of God throughout the world by inviting people to enter the Kingdom through a relationship with Jesus as Lord of their life. The most effective way for people to enter the Kingdom is through personal relationships with people already in the Kingdom. We believe Kiwis do not find it easy to talk about their faith with their friends who don’t have a relationship with Jesus, even though many online and smartphone resources are available to help them do that.

You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink: It is one thing to have the resources to use, it is another to have the desire and courage to use those resources to introduce friends to a saving relationship with Jesus. There may be a solution to help bridge the gap between apathy/fear and action/use of existing resources — the challenge is to find it. A further challenge is to create a solution that involves minimal human resource, or helps maximise limited existing human resources.



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