“Gods Gift” – A new “digital tract” for 60 languages

“Gods Gift” – A new “digital tract” for 60 languages
Promote a new "digital tract" for 60 languages.


I regularly do street evangelism in a location with international travellers from all over the world. We hand out tracts in 4 or 5 languages but I’m always having to guess where the next traveller is from. I figured there must be a better way!

I’ve combined two innovations to create a new and engaging “digital tract” we can hand to travellers (or anyone else we meet) that now supports nearly 60 languages!

Indigitous 2018 Challenges:

  • A. Design and produce a video to explain and promote this new evangelism tool to someone interested in personal evangelism.
  • Alternative branding and graphic designs for the “digital tract” targeting audiences such as: International Travellers, Campus and High School Students, Families, … etc.
International Travellers, Personal Evangelists.
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