GoSend – Connecting ministry workers with supporters across the world

GoSend – Connecting ministry workers with supporters across the world
The unreached to be reached in a generation through good stewardship from the global church
Church Growth, Community, Evangelism, Missions, Prayer

The Problem

Alice wants to support ministry workers reaching the unreached people in the world. However, in her own circles, she only knows one worker who she prays for but is fully financially supported. She needs a way to find someone working with unreached people to financially support but is also trustworthy.

Bob is support raising to do full time ministry work with an unreached people group. However, as he lives with the unreached people group where there aren’t many Christians, there are not enough Christians in his circles who can financially support him, and he didn’t have access to connect with a missionary organisation, or the organisation is so small no one outside his circles knows about it.

Eve is a false minister. She wants to steal as much money from the global mission funds as she can through ecclesiastical corruption and embezzlement. The amount that people like Eve steal is more than the money given to missions globally each year. It’s 100 times more than what goes to support people like Bob, workers with unreached people groups.


The Solution

Enter goNsend*. GoNsend aims to connect Alice to Bob so she can support Bob both in prayer and financially. It will help Alice prefer Bob over Eve in her giving. It will use the idea of a chain of trust, similar to the concept used by PGP key signing or Certificate Authority trust chains to help Christians have a level of confidence in supporting missionaries across the world.

*GoNsend may not be the final name of this website, (gosend.org is already taken), so any marketing help is appreciated! =)

Users “sign off” or declare their trust in people, organisations and missions/ministries. Users can also decide to trust everyone or every mission another user trusts. For example, Alice knows and trusts Bob and all mission projects he’s on. Alice trusts Bob to make good judgements, so she trusts everyone Bob trusts. Alice doesn’t know Carol (another mission worker like Bob), but Bob knows her and trusts her and her ministries. Therefore Alice will trust Carol through Bob, and find her in her personalised list and network of trusted ministry workers.

What goNsend is not (initially planned to be):

  • A fundraising website/payment processor (There are heaps of these use Patreon, churchstarter.com.au, your mission org’s website etc.)
  • An update platform for workers to update supporters (Use email, Social Media groups, face to face meetings, VC etc. )


The Call

To make this platform a success and benefit to God’s work for building His kingdom, there will be many problems we will need to work through. Like how to deal with missionaries and members in sensitive countries. But by God’s grace may it succeed for His glory.

It will only be as effective as the people on the platform, so good marketing and UX is needed to encourage the most users to come and use the platform. We will also obviously need devs and security experts.

My goal is to kickstart working on this website with my limited skill set during HACK, and to continue the project afterwards. If you’re interested, please let me know! Scroll to the bottom for #HACK2019 potential project ideas!


The Stats

But why goNsend and how can we reach the world in a generation? Check out these stats:

Annual Income of all Church Members: $42 trillion.  [1]

  • (Annual income of Evangelical Christians is approximately $7 trillion.)

Given to any Christian causes: $700 billion. [1]

  • That’s also how much we spend in America on Christmas.

Given to Missions: $45 billion

  • That’s only 6.4% of the money given to Christian causes of any kind (2015). [1]
  • That’s also how much we spend in America on dieting programs.
  • Embezzled:  If you are doing the math and realize there is $50 billion missing, this is where it went. – That’s Eve right there.

Money that goes toward Unreached Peoples: *Estimated $450 million [3]

  • Americans have recently spent more money buying Halloween costumes for their pets than the amount given to reach the unreached.

Hypothetical Observations:

  • Evangelical Christians could provide all of the funds needed to plant a church in each of the 6,900 unreached people groups with only 0.03% of their income.
  • The Church has roughly 3,000 times the financial resources and 9,000 times the manpower needed to finish the Great Commission.
  • If every evangelical gave 10% of their income to missions we could easily support 2 million new missionaries. (There are 400k foreign missionaries in the world, and 12m national workers).
  • “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also” – I’m trusting God’s grace to move His church’s hearts so we steward and use worldly wealth to gain friends in the eternal kingdom.

Sources: Download “Status of Global Christianity below.
[1] International Bulletin of Missionary Research, Vol. 39, No. 1,  also World Christian Database, 2015,*Barrett and Johnson. 2001. World Christian Trends, pg 656,
[2] Todd Johnson, Global Atlas of Christianity, pg 296,
[3]. Baxter, Mark R. 2007. The Coming Revolution: Because Status Quo Missions Won’t Finish the Job, pg 12.  Halloween Costumes

More travelling team stats: http://www.thetravelingteam.org/stats/


#HACK 2020

Last year we mainly worked on fleshing out the idea including privacy & security strategy and marketing strategy (see the pitch slides from 2019 or everything below in the doc after the “Project Page” section), and some wireframe demos of the project.

This year, we have one main goal, and that is to create a prototype of the platform. The goal after HACK2020 is to take the prototype or at least the learnings from it, and launch this into a long term dev project. Therefore, we will be sticking to long-lasting, human (easy-to-read), cloud-first, mobile-first (for reach) and secure (to protect missionaries and the church) – design, principles, and technologies.

  1. Prototype of the platform: Login. “Trust” another user’s ministries. “Trust” everyone another user trusts, and so on. See all the people and ministries in your trust chain/network. Subscribe to the monthly supporter option (i.e. support 4 people with 1 randomly selected for you).
  2. Your appropriate idea.


#HACK 2019

Here are some projects that we could tackled during #HACK 2019:

  1. Prototype of the platform: Login. “Trust” another user’s ministries. “Trust” everyone another user trusts, and so on. See all the people and ministries in your trust chain/network.
  2. Marketing strategy, including promotional video/website, tutorial video, and/or tutorial website. Important because the concept may be foreign, and the platform will only be useful with a critical mass in both the global church and each people group.
  3. Privacy & Security strategy: Threat modelling, strategies protecting against persecutors including state actors, keeping Christians in sensitive geographies safe.
  4. Your appropriate idea.




The global church
Ministry workers who want to find supporters, and their supporters who want to help the church reach the unreached.
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