Graphic Design for Church Evangelism Curriculum

Graphic Design for Church Evangelism Curriculum
Help evangelism become a lifestyle for all followers of Jesus.
Church Growth, Community, Discipleship, Evangelism

Our sincere desire and hope is that this course would give people the skills and confidence to start spiritual conversations and share the gospel naturally with friends and acquaintances. We long for evangelism to be a lifestyle for all who call themselves followers of Jesus. We are so excited to see how this course inspires a generation to share the gospel in practical and relevant ways. And we pray that it yields fruit – that believers would depend on the Spirit as they declare the gospel to others, that those who hear the gospel would choose to follow Jesus, and ultimately that God would be glorified.  

And with the big picture, our hope is that this curriculum can be useful to the wider church community in Canada and the rest of the world.  

What we are looking for

We are wanting all of the documents in this google folder to be graphically designed with a consistent theme.  This is a 2 part course that is intended to initially be taught in a classroom setting.  Each lesson has both a teacher’s guide and a handouts file.

The local church
Church of the City | Guelph


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