Heavenya is on a mission to unite & inspire Christians through technology services.
Community, Discipleship

Mission: Heavenya is on a mission to unite & inspire Christians through technology services. We hope to preserve the Christian community in the realm of technology for upcoming generations. We are creating one place for believers in Christ to meet, connect, and join in fellowship. Allowing them to stay faithful and have healthy relationships, community, support, and connection. Keeping the body of Christ healthy and enabling tremendous fellowship opportunities everywhere they go.

App Description: Here at Heavenya we believe in bringing believers together. We see the importance of connection between one another. On Heavenya you can create your own personal profile and create your own events. You can make them public or private and see who is going. Getting together is invaluable and we hope to make it more accessible!

This app is made for

– Those who are bored after work and would like more choices
– Those who have some ideas of what they want to do and would like to extend the invitation to others.

– Those looking for fellowship and support from other believers

Heavenya has a faith based ecosystem primarily serving the Christian community. All are welcome to join!
To join this project, contact Travis Mitchell:
Email: travismitchell@heavenya.com
Phone: 925 899-1660
Christians between ages 22-25
Christians and Christian Event Organizers


Team Members

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