A react-based Chrome extension that'll fit right into your daily life and draw you closer to Jesus. Your productivity tools and spiritual disciplines all in one place.
Church Growth, Creating Culture, Missions, Others, Prayer, Scripture Engagement


As working professionals, students, or even just people living in 2020, we use the internet on a daily basis. In particular, many people use Google Chrome and other productivity organizers like momentumdash. These tools are super helpful and beautiful; however, they don’t incorporate or hold us accountable in our spiritual walks, a very important part of our lives!

We believe that our ability to understand the depth of God’s love for us and His heart for the world are grown by the time we spend with Him each day, our awareness of what is happening in the world, and even the time we spend in prayer and praising Him. It’s not always easy for us to stay on top of our day to day and spend time with Jesus, much less learn about missions. Our hope is that this app will seamlessly seep into our day to day lives and help us love Jesus and the world better.

What it does

Provides calming “new tab” destination (God’s creation!) all the while combining your productivity tools and spiritual disciplines all in one place. Widgets available:

  • Spiritual
    • Devotional
      • Daily devotional to reflect on
    • Missions and giving
      • Small blurb to bring awareness to a new area of missions in the world
    • Prayer
      • Note who you are praying for each day of the week
    • Praise
      • Keep track of your praises over time
  • Productivity
    • To do list
    • Calendar
    • Pomodoro Timer
    • Weather

How we built it

We built the Impetus chrome extension as a React app.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into several challenges including:

  • Working with APIs: Several APIs we tried using no longer existed or are not currently working
  • Making data persistent: We ran into challenges using Redux and reducers
  • Antd framework: Working with themes, white text, craco-less and other parts of antd was non-intuitive

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

Through the past 14 hours we were able to create a MVP of our project and our first chrome extension!

What we learned

We learned about what it takes to build a Chrome extension, React hooks, and the Antd UI Framework.

What’s next for Impetus

  • Improved widget functionality, such as:
    • Integrations with Apple, Google, and Facebook
    • Real weather forecasts
    • Verses of the day from an API
    • Our Daily Bread devotionals
    • Regularly scheduled Joshua Project Unreached People Group previews
      • Frequency configurable in Settings
  • Log in/User profiles
  • Better aesthetics (White text, randomized photos, etc.)
  • More granular settings for all of the above
  • More widgets
    • Countdown (Ex: Countdown to Christmas!)
    • Draggable widgets/sticky notes

Built With

Any web browser user, Young professionals, Students
Any web browser user


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