Language Learning Ai coach – “Grow Fast – Grow Deep”

Language Learning Ai coach – “Grow Fast – Grow Deep”
Help field workers gain language fluency
Discipleship, Education, Missions, Scripture Translation

Close to half of field workers who go to a foreign language nation quit in the first 5 years. One of the biggest reasons for quitting is due to a failure to successfully learn the language of their target nation.


Achieving fluency in a language is hard work. That challenge is multiplied if the language is poorly documented. Sometimes there are no apps, no classes,and no textbooks for a target language.

I have personally coached dozens of people to be successful in language learning but most organisations do not have the resources to assign new arrivals with a language coach.


We are working on a Language Coaching project called “Grow Fast – Grow Deep“. The goal of this project is to make coaching available to all workers belonging to any organisation.

“Grow Fast – Grow Deep” provides A.I. language coaching. A language learning program for a poorly documented language can be put together in less than a few hours. We are about to revolutionise language learning on the frontiers!

The “Grow Fast – Grow Deep” WebApp coaches language students weekly by assessing their progress and coaching them with proven methods to see them progress in an effective and fast manner. All of our students we have coached to fluency in less than 1 year, where friends I know in my city who have not had coaches are still not fluent after 5 years.

If we are successful in this project it will have an enormous impact on the global harvest field. The project is language-neutral, meaning it is being designed to be adaptable to any conceivable language – both in terms of target languages and a student’s native language. You could even use it to teach Klingon.

We have a need for a lot of different types of people. Join us, and make a huge difference!



  • Alpha testers: Version 1.0 is going live Sept 21 ’17 – we need you to test it out and help shape future direction by sharing your ideas on the User Experience – particularly people with any experience in trying to learn a second-language.
  • Foreign language speakers to provide translation, write short story content, make audio recordings, and create language content.
  • Linguists: To assist in project design – we need to explore the complexities of handling the peculiarities associated with different world languages.
  • Webdesign – HTML5, Jquery and CSS experienced people to make a smooth web experience
  • PhoneApp developers: No thought has yet gone into how this project could best be packaged for consumption on smartphones – we need you to give your expert opinions!
  • Python Django programmers: We need to develop a core team of long-term committed developers. Dip your toe in and see if you want to stay.
  • Machine learning: Help design the Ai Coach to advise helpfully and predict student progress based on profile information and historical user data.
  • Marketing: A public launch strategy and timetable with steps needs to be developed.
  • Dreamers: Get involved and you will see the potential. What features do you think it needs? Which ideas should be given priority?
Overseas field workers
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  1. hendrikv

    Dear AJ (is that what I call you?)

    My name is Hendrik, and I am very interested in your language learning program. I agree that it is enormously needed.

    I’m not sure how I could contribute, but I’d at least like to make contact with you. Perhaps some of my background will help to clarify.

    My wife and I are cross-cultural workers, and have had to learn two languages in the past, one well-documented, and the other not at all. The second was not only undocumented, but also tonal.

    As I used to be a programmer, I wrote a Javascript program (this was in the early 2000’s) to help us drill the language (no AI of course). We recorded short phrases, associated them with pictures, and the software would flash the image and play the sound so that we could drill the language. This worked very well indeed. I rewrote the program some years later in Java, but for PC, but I never really “smoothed it out” and got busy with other things.

    Since all this, I have had this bee in my bonnet to do such a program, as I saw how valuable such computer assistance was. But as you would know, lack of time, etc etc.

    Although I don’t have any expertise on this, I see there is a Python cross-platform development framework called Kivy (for Linux, Mac, Windows, OsX, and Android) that looks quite suitable.

    I’d like to remain in contact with you as your project carries on.

    Until all have heard,

  2. Aaron Thomson

    Nice to see you on here AJ, it’s been a while 🙂
    Looking at your project, do you have any wire frames, any designs tat show how you see the ux working? That would help you get traction here I believe. I think you would also have to explain how this product will be superior to present offerings on the free app language learning side of things.
    I wish you all the best with your project, perhaps you can get some traction as a project for the upcoming #hack

  3. Jeremiah Chung

    Hi, I started code with DBase III and learning BASIC programing in the era of Apple II. I also had MOODLE instructional design training in 2007. I have experienced using Frontpage for webdesign in the late 90s. I took a couple refresh basic course in javascript, php, python, CSS, html in last couple years. I am also a linguist and senior translation consultant(SIL). I am working with ATW(TBTA) for machine aided bible translation. I can see the potential partnership for sharing data between language learning and MABT. I would like to practice a bit about coding and am looking forwards to learning from you all.
    I tried the Alpha. Awesome. Keep on your good work. May the Lord grant this team wisdom, knowledge and skills needed to accomplish what He want to accomplish.

  4. Byron Hawkins

    Hi AJ, I’m thinking about attending the hackathon in Lyon, but I’m not sure I can contribute a lot to this project. I have 15 years of experience building user interfaces in Java, but I never designed the user experience or any of the graphics–someone handed me those things and I wired it up. For the last 5 years I’ve been doing research in security and binary optimization, where all the programming is in C/C++. I’ve never written anything in Python or JavaScript, besides just playing around. Well, let me know if you think I could be useful, otherwise I can look for other projects, or other ways to contribute.

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