Love Your Neighbor (LYN)

Love Your Neighbor (LYN)
Connecting our communities to local human development opportunities.
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We hear about poverty a lot, but it often refers to economic poverty. Do you know that there are other types of poverty? Yes, poverty that on one hand affects even the economical affluent and on the other hand causes or occurs along with economic poverty. Examples are: relational, spiritual, educational, and social poverty. This holistic view of poverty is our motivation for starting Love Your Neighbor (LYN)… because we believe that the long term solution to poverty for the individual or for the community is human development.

What if people could easily find and connect with local providers of human development services that help them with job preparedness training, job search assistance, work therapy, substance/ behavior addiction, domestic abuse, parenting, anger management etc.?

That is our mission at LYN To connect our communities to local human development and relief opportunities, in a manner that is individual, transparent, and empowers anyone struggling or seeking development. We also want to make it possible for donors to find and support impactful programs/ services in their communities that provide human development and relief.

(1)Individuals (Recipient) seeking effective discovery of and access to local human development and relief opportunities that are right for them. (2) Churches & Human / Community Development Nonprofits who serve their local community. (3) Donors who desire to develop their community by investing in local nonprofits and their clients.
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