Merij – Bring God’s Wisdom In your Merij

Merij – Bring God’s Wisdom In your Merij
A must have application for married couple to bring God’s Wisdom in marriage
Evangelism, Prayer, Scripture Engagement, Service

The Problem in Marriage

  • Communication
  • Couples lack in God’s Wisdom
  • Couples struggle to start conversation
  • Less romantic moment the longer they’re married
  • There’re a lot of very good resources to enrich marriage, but they are scatter around

What is Merij?
Guidelines for husband and wife to grow together in God’s wisdom through every stages of marriage life.

  • Daily Tips & Suggested Content, curated content that fit every life phase (newly wed, pregnant, new parents, premarital counseling content).
  • Sharing & Synchronize Features, like timeline, calendar, wish list, notes, content library.

Married Couple and couple who does premarital counseling
Married Couple
Slack, Google Drive


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