Minority Language Picker Design

Minority Language Picker Design
Design a user experience to connect minority language speakers to gospel content they can understand.

There’s so much great gospel content being created today – how do we connect people to material they can understand?


Fen lives in south central China and is a member of the Dong people group (read more about the Dong here).  Her friend sends a link to a website or app about Jesus to her.  This website has gospel materials in 800 languages, including the one Fen speaks.  Fen’s literacy is limited – how would she find the materials in her language?

The Challenge

Choosing the right language to display is a problem for many websites and apps that have libraries of gospel content.  Some languages have no written form.  Others have dozens of dialects.  This purpose of this project is to come up with a user flow for any minority language speaker to be able to navigate to their own language from a collection of languages. Dream big!  The focus of this project is on the user experience – technical implementation is optional and up to the discretion of the #HACK team.

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