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Teen depression is a big issue in adolescent psychology because it controls the thoughts, emotions and actions of adolescents. They may experiment with drugs or alcohol to avoid feelings of depression. For instance, scientists found that under certain conditions, music can lift a listener’s general mood. Music  is an art, entertainment, pleasure, and medicine for the soul and body. So, we created Pulse Music. Your face tells everything about your mood, so we came to idea to take a picture of you and analyze it so we could suggest you a christian song that will help you overpass sadness or to motivate you when you need it the most.

For example if you look upset in the photo it will play a calm song to relax you but and when you are happy the song will be positive and energetic.

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  1. Ali Llewellyn

    This project has been nominated for global judging for Indigitous #Hack! Please be reminded that your page must have all relevant information added no later than midnight CST on Friday, November 11 to be submitted to the judges. It must include (at minimum) a short project description, a link to the relevant website, repository or demo, a link to a (no more than) 2 minute video of the team pitching the project, and the information on all team members who collaborated. More information will give your team a better chance for judging. If you have questions, please speak to your local city lead.

    Great work on your project and we hope it continues to grow. Thanks for being part of the #Hack community and good luck!

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