Online Map of All MAF Bases and Served Airstrips

Online Map of All MAF Bases and Served Airstrips
Demonstrate the reach of Mission Aviation
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All MAF organizations serve some 1,500 destinations. That is more than British Airways! They serve about 350 destinations. We do not have a map of these location that we can demonstrate the coverage MAF has. We need data analysts, artists, coders, and more to build an interactive map that can be used on our website and large displays.

Possible Tech to Use

Databases, GIS systems, JavaScript, HTML5, CSS, and/or Photoshop.


We have created a limited database for you to use with this project. This database and other information can be found at

Definition Of Done

We are looking for an interactive map that allows users to zoom into the country level, and click airstrip icons to see more information. The map also needs to be printable at a high resolution 1200 X 1200 without looking pixelated so that we can print different version for customer and donor documentation. We recommend building the map in HTML5 with JavaScript providing the code for user interaction. The map itself can be vector graphics. There are many open source JavaScript mapping solutions available.

But if you have a better solution that provides user interaction as described above, and high resolution printing, feel free to use it.

Mission Aviation Fellowship supporters.
Anyone interested in where MAF flies.


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