People Group Specific Bible Story App

People Group Specific Bible Story App
Give the gift of recorded scripture to a people group on mobile phones.
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Many people groups around the world are oral cultures.  These people groups have varying levels of literacy, but all prefer to communicate and learn through audio and visual means.  Up to 70% of the world’s population are “oral preference learners”. Read more about orality here.

We want to build an app to distribute recorded audio Bible stories for a particular people group. This app would have stories available in only one language, because people who only speak their minority language usually cannot navigate a menu in order to choose their language from a list.  Ideally, however, the codebase could be easily used and maintained for several apps, each with a different language.

To start, this will be tested using a story set for a people group in Southeast Asia.

Tech Requirements

Mobile app: Flutter

Backend: Firebase, Azure, or NodeJS

Web client: Angular 8


Upstream is a volunteer network of Christians using their skills to further the gospel among unreached people groups.

R People Group of Southeast Asia
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