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Branding for
Unleash more prayer for the unreached!

Currently, when you sign up for Joshua Project’s UPG of the Day email, you don’t have a choice on which people groups you will pray for. Many people feel a closer connection with a specific country that they support someone from, that they have visited, or that they are serving in themselves. Others may want to pray for people groups that are currently in the news like Lebanon with the explosion that happened there or Yemen because of it’s ongoing civil war. will allow anyone who wants to pray for the unreached people groups of a specific country to have only those people group profiles emailed to their inbox on a daily basis.

Version 1.0 of will allow people to customize which country’s people groups someone wants to pray for. Version 2.0 will give people even more customization options and will allow missionaries and churches to submit their own lists.

I need some inspiration on the branding of the logo and the site’s look and feel though!

Anyone who wants to pray for specific unreached people groups.


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