Redemptive Relationships

Redemptive Relationships
Changing church culture by re-imagining the solitary weekday mission of its members as something the church family can share in together.

Over 6 weeks (5 devotions per week) participants will wrestle with the question of how they can wrap their church friends around their non-Christian acquaintances in order to multiply the number of redemptive relationships their not-yet-Christian friends have. Through invitation and hospitality they will seek to draw these friends into the body life of the church.

The series will include Scripture, reflection and personal action points – PLUS an opportunity to anonymously feedback to their church about ways the organization can help support the mission through changing/creating structures, events, groups and interactional opportunities.

The church leadership can then feedback to the participants about the feedback they have received and what change they are implementing or will implement in support.

The benefit:

If this process was coordinated via an app that created ‘church clusters’ via registration and was able to database the ideas that flowed both ways, it would be a valuable resource both for the churches involved and for Love Your Neighbour.


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