Assist Believers to Ruminate on Scripture Daily
Discipleship, Scripture Engagement

The goal of the project is to develop an Android and iOS app to help Christians engage the Word of God throughout the day. After a believer has finished their quiet time, they choose a verse that they would like to reflect on further. Visiting the Ruminate app, the believer selects the passage using our Scripture picker that harnesses the power of the Digital Bible Platform. Once the verses are added to the app, the believer will receive periodic push notifications asking questions regarding the passage. The believer can then visit the app, read the passage again, and answer a question that helps them reflect on the passage. They will receive many questions throughout the day to help them chew on the passage they chose.

The app also stores a history, so the user can browse through verses from previous days, and reflect on the impact of those verses.  The app is built on the Ionic Framework, which uses Angular and Cordova to power it.

The challenge we are tackling is a local challenge.  How can we harness the power of the Digital Bible Platform to help believers grow in their understanding of the Word.

Phillip Zahir and Pierce Corcoran


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