Simple Suku Study Bible Maker

Simple Suku Study Bible Maker
Auto-Generating Study Bibles (Data/Contents/App) in Mother Tongue Languages -- Using technology for God purposes in Indonesia.
Church Growth, Education, Missions, Scripture Engagement, Scripture Translation

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Simple Suku Study Bible Maker  

Or (Simple “Mother Tongue” Study Bible Maker)

09-11 October 2020







  1. Odysius Bio Temara
  2. Danang Dwi Kristiyanto
  3. Rivaldo Kwanandar
  4. Titus Anindya Paritusta
  5. Julius Manullang



Indigenous people are easier to approach with ways, cultures and languages that are familiar with their daily lives. By using their mother tongue they are more approachable, easier to form relationships that eventually lead them to Christ. Their rejection of the message is more often because they stumble in a way, culture and language that is different from what they are used to, but when it is conveyed in their own language, they are enthusiastic about hearing it because they feel their tribe is valued; and in that language they study and learn best.

Our goal is to “Help end Biblical Poverty” by creating and providing in Mother Tongue Languages Simple Study Bibles (where none have previously existed) consisting of simple Bible Study Tools, Media, Resources, and Study Bible App/Web/e-Book. 



Utilize new Digital Technologies/Methodologies (NLP/AI, Computational Linguistics, Data Analytics, etc) to build a Simple Mother Tongue Study Bible Maker, especially by using data bridges/integrations to its associated Majority Language, and its Resources

“Simple Mother Tongue Study Bible Maker” is a turnkey automated generator of:

  • Tribal Language Bible Study Data Sets (10+).
  • Study Bible Data/Media Integrator and Compiler.
  • Hack/Builder of fully functional Study Bible Apps, along with Web and e-Book.
  • The results are expandable and customizable.



Many organizations and applications focus on just Bible Text, but have no mother tongue Study Tools to help Christians grow.

“Simple Mother Tongue Study Bible Maker” makes possible the automated existence of Study Bibles by creating and using specialized-correlated Bible Data Sets. This is a dramatic game changer.

“Simple Mother Tongue Study Bible” is helpful for Pastors in sermon preparation, for Teachers in classes and curriculum development, for discipleship programs, especially for new indigenous believers growing in their faith and understanding of the bible. AND, it is offered in Digital Generation friendly formats.

“Simple Mother Tongue Study Bible” also has potential as a powerful tool for not only teaching/learning or personal/group study, but for evangelism, allowing bible text in a mother tongue to become more alive, more understandable, more multi-media, more widely used and share-able, and much more fun.


  1. Indonesia has over 700 living languages, almost 100 New Testaments, yet less than five have any “Study Tools”, and only one has Study Bibles (Indonesian itself). Future goal is to generate/build over 50 Study Bibles and corresponding Apps.
  2. The same methods should also work for other languages — thus 100s to 1000s of Study Bibles could be generated for almost any of the many worldwide languages where Bible Translation work has or is being done.



  •  A major accomplishment the team achieved during #HACK.

Started from an idea based on experience with Scripture APP Builder (SAB), and successful Hacks which SAB’s Richard allow.

During the weekend, we created the turnkey pages, the flow/scripts for automated generating of each study tool (10+), integrated the results into a package prepped and parameterized for being processed via an SAB-Hack.

To test the above we took a Javanese New Testament (NT) and were able to :

  1. create the 10+ Study Tools
  2. format / bind / prep / parameterize / process them via SAB-Hack
  3. generate the desired APK

The result is a bit buggy, but fully working Javanese Study Bible APK (Android)

  •  What our project can do.
  • DiGlot, TriGlot, and Parallel Versions
  • Dictionary/Lexicon via Named Entity Extraction
  • Original Languages Integration (Grk/Heb; Strongs)
  • Topical System (200+ topics)
  • CrossRef System (150k Verse Associations)
  • Parallel Quotations/Citations/Correlations
  • Bible Outline (2000 elements)
  • Bible Illustrations (1500+ Graphics)
  • LUMO Video (Auto-Create/Integrate Subtitles, with correct timestamps)
  • Other Media Resources, as available in Minority/Majority Language (Jesus Film, TBP, etc)
  • Audio Bible (substitute for Majority language, if Minority does not exist)
  • Integration of deep links for further Online Study in Majority Language.
  • Functions for SEARCH, COMPARE, SHARE, and more.  [Read, See, Watch, Listen]

The above study tools/resources/media can be enhanced and expanded upon with varying translation effort and time; these could vary from minimal (a few hours) to much more extensive creation of further resources manually to be added to the above.




Develop a fully seamless turnkey, with truly automatic end-to-end, including QC.


Currently has been successfully tested on one tribal language, should be possible to do 50 more Indonesian Languages.


Do more hundreds more Languages working with Digital Bible Society. or e-Bible (Michael Johnson).


Indonesian Tribal Language Christians (50+ Languages)
Next Generation Body of Christ in Indonesia, or all Indonesian Languages
SABDA; Many Indonesia Organizations; CodeForGOD


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