Small Groups Website (connecting same-language speakers, and connecting Christians across nations)

Small Groups Website (connecting same-language speakers, and connecting Christians across nations)
Connecting the World for the Equipping People Choose
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There are lots of dating websites, but no website that allows introverts and ‘church hurt’ people to attend a small group of their preferred denomination, studying their preferred book, with other moms or singles or whatever support the person needs. Many moms can mute a video group, periodically, while they help their kids. Some people don’t live near even one church. Such small group attendance online is a great outreach ministry, as well, and can help individualistic phone addicts feel safe in a physical church building full of people.
This and my other websites will all use some of the same code, to make the material accessible to people in non-English languages.
Each website will access a database of words in many languages. The database is editable by moderators and by select translators, using the Bible Translation website.
I don’t anticipate this website requiring tons of text, but users should be able to select the languages of groups they might like attend, select their interests (in their main language), and choose from open groups.
In addition to connecting speakers of the same language in nearby timezones, this will expand vision, ministry opportunities, and help Christians in various nations improve their English.
Please let me know if you would like to meet and get a better idea of the goals and functionality.

Christians, including people who speak non-English languages


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