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To provide a tool to “plant the seeds” of the Word of God in such a way to enable recording and viral sharing of spoken or video recorded scriptures through publicly available social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. We want the Bible to “go viral” in any and every language available. A complete Bible contains 31,102 verses so 31,102 media files (audio and/or video) will be necessary for complete coverage of one version of the Bible.

This social media sharing of the media files generated by thousands of volunteers is the strategy we hope to use to plant the seeds of spiritual revival and generate a worldwide groundswell of renewed interest in the Word of God. The Holy Scriptures are deemed to have incalculable spiritual, educational, and social value regardless of creed, ethnicity, language, or race and as such the project is non-sectarian in nature.


Teleprompter with textual access to the scriptures provided by the Digital Bible Platform and other digital sources (currently 800+ languages). This teleprompter allows volunteers to read and upload audio/video recordings that add to the continuously growing Social Media Bible media repository. Sharing of the Social Media Bible scripture repository. Users can Like, Share, Tweet, Repost, Pin, thus using social media to share the scriptures with others.


a) A mobile app (IOS and Android) that provides a Bible

b) a mobile app and/or web site that permits browsing and Users can participate as contributors or consumers of the Social Media Bible scripture repository content.

Contributor: A query is executed for language, Bible version, book, chapter, verse (range) using the Digital Bible Platform API from Faith Comes By Hearing. Once the selected bible verse(s) is/are displayed, the user can, using the teleprompter, record an audio and/or video version of the the scripture displayed.

The contributor is then allowed to review/playback, delete, or upload his own recording to the Social Media Bible upload area as a candidate for inclusion in the Social Media Bible approved scripture repository. Note the intent is to ONLY upload scriptural content. No personal commentary or modification of the teleprompter content is allowed in the recordings themselves, but submitters are encouraged to share their comments in the comment section during submission. Once uploaded the media is subjected to a thorough quality assurance review before being approved for public release.

Consumer: Using the app or the web site, users browse and share portions of the Social Media Bible scripture repository. Users can Like, Share, Tweet, Repost, Pin, thus using social media to share the scriptures with others.


Q: Why can’t I add my comments to the recordings?

A: The media files are intended to be faithful and untainted recordings of the scriptures and as such, should not include personal modification of the text as presented by the teleprompter.

Q: Who is allowed to upload or contribute?

A: Any person who shares our goal to create a faithful, respectful spoken or video rendition of the Holy Scriptures is welcome to contribute. All are welcome as long as the goals of the project are respected. Churches, clubs, groups of friends are encouraged and challenged to assist us in our goal of creating a freely sharable multimedia repository of the Holy Scriptures that is available and relevant in the current and future social media environment.

Q: What is the Quality Review Process?

A: Our staff reviews the submitted media files for accuracy as well as for subjective criteria such as respectful demeanor, pronunciation, lighting, audio quality, among others. All decisions for rejection and/or inclusion are final and not subject to appeal

Q: What about Intellectual Property rights of the submitted material?

The text of the scriptures is under the use agreement as defined by the Digital Bible Platform. All submissions are considered to be GPL and freely usable under the terms of the GPL usage agreement. The goal and explicit purpose of this project is to create a repository of media files of the Holy Scriptures that can be shared to the maximum legal extent possible.

Q: How do I know what scriptures are completed or not completed in multimedia form?

A: The Social Media Bible web site and/or repository app displays a continuously updated status of the media files submitted and indicates Language,Version,Book,Chapter,Verse,Qty of Media Files Available

Q: What if the portion of scripture I wish to submit is already recorded?

A: You are encouraged to either submit your own version of the same scripture portion or choose another uncovered portion. Who knows if your recording will be one that is a more effective rendition of the text, and will be shared by others as it has just the right impact on the viewers or listeners?

Q: What about personal safety concerns?

A: As in all social media you are encouraged to use caution and are strongly discouraged from submitting anything that may result in danger to your personal safety and/or reputation. We are aware that in spite of our non sectarian goals, some extremists may disagree with the public, open sharing of the Holy Scriptures. You are encouraged to use wisdom and good judgement in any and all social media postings. You are encouraged to delete/edit your submissions at any time as desired.


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  1. Mary Schroeder

    This intrigues me. I think to go along with the passages to share an option of a question to spark dialogue and thinking. The questions could be simple and thought provoking. I have no computer skills to help with the project. It was just an idea.

    Mary from Milwaukee

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