Stay. | Tackling Suicide

Stay. | Tackling Suicide
It's a presentation with forum where everybody can find a friend or help.
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Some of our society members are facing a great trouble: unacceptance. The progressive evolution of this phenomenon has led to a state when it got critical. #TacklingSuicide is crucial as we struggle for a better place for everyone. Through this project we are facing this problem by accepting people and giving them a push to get out of shadow. Always searching for a life worth living is not the way, our resource says:”You should better find it than just searching.”. If help is needed, there always is a source. We’re all seekers, and no matter what, you are not alone. Our anonymous forum gives you the opportunity to make friends, talk about various things and helping each other. Finding peace through ourselves is our objective, and we want it to be felt by every single one who needs this help.

People with suicidal thoughts and feelings
People who need to talk anonymously with somebody.


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