Targeted Simple Podcast Player for low literacy users

Targeted Simple Podcast Player for low literacy users
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I have been approached by a friend to work on a podcast app that will play a specific feed.

I know there are billions of podcast players out there, but imagine you are a group that is illiterate or has low literacy, an app you have to log on, search for a feed, subscribe to the feed, then play it, all in English, is probably not going to meet your need. Physical players have their uses but imagine trying to update the content? Passing SD cards to thousands of people, again?

Imagine a podcast app that opens straight to your feed, and only your feed, with simple buttons that users can just push and play. You can find and play past episodes, search, share, etc.

My friend has hundreds of hours of radio broadcasts that are ready to go. People come to know Jesus all the time through listening to radio programs.

Now imagine this app being used by all the languages out there without a podcast player but with hours of radio?

The vision right now is to use Ionic but this can change, I have a basic app working on Ionic, needs to add download option, theme, etc.

Would like to roll this out at a big conference March 2018.

Low Literacy Unreached People Groups
Low Literacy Unreached People Groups


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  1. Ray Dai

    Hi everyone,

    Just an update for whomever might be interested. I had someone helping me for awhile but in the end finished the first version myself. You can read about it here:

    Ionic had a steep learning curve but now I think I am getting better at it. If you would like to know more about the project or need help with your ionic project, feel free to write to me.


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