Teen Girls’ Website – Online Magazine

Teen Girls’ Website – Online Magazine
Evangelizing and discipling teens through relevant media
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What if there’s a magazine that speaks truth into our teens’ lives?

It tells them they’re enough. That they’re beautiful, beyond description.

They’re not just tolerated, but loved and desired.

They’re precious, priceless, esteemed, and dignified.

They don’t need to beg for acceptance or bare for attention.

They can say no to materialism and their identity does not have to be defined by others, or things they own, not even achievements nor perceived potential…

Their identity is known and sure if they will know their Creator.

They can be confident – from within. Unshakeable in knowing their worth.

Because there’s someone who believes in them.

God believes in them. Loves them. (And we love and believe in them too.)

God believes in their heart, their passion, their purpose, their potential, their greatness.

What if we make this happen?

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evangelizing and discipling teens through relevant media


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