The Ministry Support App (2020)

The Ministry Support App (2020)
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The Ministry Support app aims to provide a micro-funding platform for people in ministry through a simple low-cost subscription model; from missions, to artists (mucisians, poets, speakers, painters) especially those who do not have a large network of supporters to draw from.

The project will initially be focussed on Australia, then other countries as we expand.

People and projects are verified by our team manually after submission and verified projects are placed into the pool and listed in the directory in the app.

Money is then allocated via an algorithm giving donors a completely new set of people and/or projects that they are supporting.

Each month donors will be able to see bios and news/updates from the people who are being supported.

Donors can also favourite a person/project which will allow them to support a project for an amount of time, as well as ‘swap’ a person/project out if they feel that project is not their cup of tea.

Each subscription will be divided between the projects, with a portion going to supporting the administration and development of the app and also grow a buffer fund for times when donations drop so we can continue to support people & projects widely; aka the Biblical storehouse principal.

An algorithm will decide how people are ranked in the system based on immediate, medium and long term need and will also look at needs vs giving to distribute funds to where it is needed in amounts that are useful for people and projects.

This is the first part of a larger app concept, where we will later be also introducing crowdfunding also.

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