The Phrugle App

The Phrugle App
Faithful with our little, so we can be faithful with it all!

We all have something to give.  Whether it is our time, prayers or a particular talent or service, or an actual item, the body of Christ owns tens of billions of dollars worth of quality unused small items.  It’s time to put them to work for the Kingdom of God. and The Phrugle app provide a free, easy and private way for the body of believers to support one another, building themselves up into a stronger position where they will be better equipped to take care of others outside the body of Christ.  It promotes inter-denominational relationships through good stewardship of all we own.

Outside of the obvious benefit of meeting peoples physical and tangible needs, the objective for phrugle is to use 100% of its profits to support and promote the fulfillment of the Great Commission through financially supporting churches, missionaries, groups and organizations which are Kingdom focused, and also to help support and finance other Christian owned businesses who are 100% Kingdom giving focused.

Christian people, groups, churches, ministries, missionaries, etc.
Anyone with a smartphone


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