Trading, Training, and Employment Website (accessible by speakers of many non-English languages)

Trading, Training, and Employment Website (accessible by speakers of many non-English languages)
You Give Me That, I'll Give You This, With the Help of 10 Local Intermediaries
Community, Creating Culture, Disaster Relief, Education, Humanitarian Aid, Service

Trading, buying, and selling goods and services, including ESL, and local produce.
The main benefit I see in this is enabling semi-local sellers, so that goods can more effectively be exchanged or supplied in regions where Amazon does not deliver; and so that pandemics, the collapse of fiat money, the collapse of Amazon, etc., might possibly be less devastating.
There are tiered-business options, and automatically-generated transportation options listed. For example, say that a user wants 30 eggs a month. When they search for that, they might see individual sellers, but they are more likely to see (hopefully at least one) merchandiser (hopefully rated, and their confirmed suppliers rated). If transportation is available, the buyer can choose to trade with or buy directly from an individual seller, or from a merchandiser (possibly safer, and possibly able to procure many different types of goods in one order).
Transportation options are generated and shown for each item, combination of items, and the entire order. Transportation systems are linked. For example: 1st – 10 miles (BikeBoy), 2nd – 40 miles DeliveryTruck45, 3rd – 20 miles Uber/Taxi/Personal vehicle, 4th – 8am next day FarmersMarketStall (along with estimated times, and any assurance of refrigeration options).
In many areas, there would be many different options for multiple legs of the journey.
Policed meeting places, where especially large amounts of goods can be scheduled to be exchanged, might be helpful. Doing this at farmer’s markets anytime during a day might work well for many people.
Additionally, training should be advertised in exchange for goods or services. For example, a man might provide some chickens to someone who teaches his son how to safely pull people’s teeth. Data entry, clothing, or handicrafts might be available in exchange for ESL or for credits that can only be used to buy local food. Whatever the buyer, seller, or trader has specified.
This uses the core functionality of the Bible translation website (interlinear and interparagraph ‘translation’ and word reference, including in multiple languages) to facilitate individuals’ and networks of businesses and transportation services, in many languages.
Please let me know if you would like to meet and get a better idea of the goals and functionality.

Everyone, especially people in rural areas, including people who speak non-English languages


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