Translation of “Christian Common” into Chinese

Translation of “Christian Common” into Chinese
Share in Chinese about the mentality of sharing and collaboration within the body of Christ
Community, Creating Culture, Education, Humanitarian Aid, Missions, Scripture Engagement, Scripture Translation, Service

Hi I would like to translate the book “Christian Common” by Tim Jore, or at least part of it into Chinese. I contact Tim in Oct 2019 and would like to see this project going on. He didn’t notice anyone else is doing that. I think I may use some machine translation tools, e.g. google translate. I would appreciate if you would like to join as a translator or proofreader.

Updated Oct 12, 2019. Tim would like to ask to translated his more update insight paper: Letting go — A rationale and appeal for making biblical content available under open licenses. (Also under creative common license. Get the paper via the link:

Chinese Christian as tester and proofreader, Bilingual Christian to help with translator
Chinese readers


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