A tool for creating a playlist that allows listeners to progress toward a more positive mood.
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The music industry is one that impacts a global population; Apple Music, Spotify, and Pandora have more than 200 million listeners worldwide. Though many of these listeners may be secular, and may view Christian music with some negative connotation, our team took on the mission of targeting these millions of music listeners and bringing them to a more positive place in their lives.

Moodify is a tool that uses sentiment analysis to gradually drive users from strong, negative, offensive music to music that is positive and uplifting. This is done with the hopes of bringing users from a low place in their lives to a place where they might potentially be more receptive to the word of God.

Moodify provides this service by running songs through IBM Watson’s Tone Analyzer API and the Gensim Python package to perform the sentiment analysis. For more details and technical information, take a look at Moodify’s Google Doc Discussion:

Moodify Presentation Video:





Secular music listeners who we want to introduce the gospel through Christian Music


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  1. Ali Llewellyn

    This project has been nominated for global judging for Indigitous #Hack! Please be reminded that your page must have all relevant information added no later than midnight CST on Friday, November 11 to be submitted to the judges. It must include (at minimum) a short project description, a link to the relevant website, repository or demo, a link to a (no more than) 2 minute video of the team pitching the project, and the information on all team members who collaborated. More information will give your team a better chance for judging. If you have questions, please speak to your local city lead.

    Great work on your project and we hope it continues to grow. Thanks for being part of the #Hack community and good luck!

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