VR Life of Jesus

VR Life of Jesus
Experience the life of jesus in a whole new way

The movie Gospel of John tells the story of the book of john, however the 3 hour movie is not really enticing to experience. Trough a visual timeline & VR experience we are reworking the movie into a history of the life of jesus.


Ability to experience the life of jesus trough a timeline in 2d, and 3d and trough google cardboard.

Ability to upload your own videos and place them on the timeline trough a backend.

The site we made is also very suitable for other stories, because you can upload your own video’s

Try the project yourself at: vrlifeofjesus.klaaskooistra.nl

Finally check out the demo video over here:




Everybody interested in the life of jesus


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  1. Ali Llewellyn

    This project has been nominated for global judging for Indigitous #Hack! Please be reminded that your page must have all relevant information added no later than midnight CST on Friday, November 11 to be submitted to the judges. It must include (at minimum) a short project description, a link to the relevant website, repository or demo, a link to a (no more than) 2 minute video of the team pitching the project, and the information on all team members who collaborated. More information will give your team a better chance for judging. If you have questions, please speak to your local city lead.

    Great work on your project and we hope it continues to grow. Thanks for being part of the #Hack community and good luck!

    • Jan-Willem Bosman

      Hello Ali,

      You asked me to respond to the projects that are made in line with the global challenge that I submitted.

      The VR project is the best in this category in my mind. It is a great creative project with a huge potential. What the team has done it very complete already and the concept is awesome.

      Take a look at the video. It is really impressive. https://www.dropbox.com/s/31wacbxg9ja860b/Presentation%20VR-Life-of-Jesus.MP4

      The results are:
      1. Very creative idea: This can be revolutionary for young people to experience the Bible through biblical stories and using virtual reality.
      2. reusing old material and give it a new life.
      3. Make the whole concept in 2 days. Mobile version, web version and even a working VR version
      4. They even created a backend, so new content can be added easily. Complete working system!!
      5. The team worked very much as a team. All had their part in it.
      6. They worked remote with some people.
      7. It was a team of christians and secular people who liked it a lot.

      In my mind really on of the best projectproposals I have seen. Very proud of the team.

      Jan-Willem Bosman

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