Walk Beside

Walk Beside
Take online personal discipling to the next level.
Church Growth, Discipleship, Evangelism, Scripture Engagement

Walk Beside is a mobile app that helps Christians form meaningful relationships as they mentor or disciple others online.

Features were initially chosen based on field experience in online evangelism and discipleship and then refined and affirmed by interviewing many local and international missionaries most of whom expressed strong interest. We trust it will be valued by many Christian ministry teams and churches.

Mentors can adapt lesson plans based on their understanding of the mentee’s needs and include their own life stories and personal lessons interwoven with scriptures to enable deeper guided spiritual conversations. Time efficiency features multiply the impact of “the labourers that are few”.  An improved experience is offered to users having low or intermittent bandwidth or a limited data budget. Many other exciting features have been envisaged beyond the initial MVP release.

Like to know when it’s ready? If you’d like to know when this app is ready just complete this form.

We’re also seeking like minded sponsors to assist us in this project. There are many in ministry who have affirmed the need and are eagerly awaiting it’s release so this project is an excellent ministry investment. If you’d like to find out more please complete  this form .

Like to contribute to this project?  We’re seeking volunteers to work on a list of software components that can be independently developed, tested and open sourced. Software development tasks require a minimum 3 years software development experience. We’re also seeking assistance to prepare course content and marketing/promotional material.  When contacting us please mention your relevant experience and interest areas.

If you’re interested .. Yep … You guessed it … please complete  this form .

We don’t the expect you to have ALL these skills but rather have a reasonable subset and be a confident self learner.

Relevant Skills:

  • Front end: VueJS / Javascript
  • Back end: NodeJS / Express/Koa/Typescript / Firebase
  • Unit testing: Jest
  • GIT / VSCode
  • App Graphics / Video Production / Infographic design
  • Spirit-filled team players!

NOTE:  (If you know React or Angular you can probably learn Vue very fast – It took me 3 days study to get productive knowing Angular. Vue is generally much faster to learn)

Hackerthon 2019

  • Over 2018/19 we’ve significantly matured the prototype  developed at Hackerthon 2018.
  • Focus in 2019 will be on creating new content in the form of conversational journeys
  • We also need to improve the graphics / presentation
  • We may develop a prototype conversation editor.
  • Integration with an online follow up team.

Hackerthon 2018

  • Developed a chat bot engine aim at fulfilling a digital strategy for a region we researched.
  • We won the Melbourne Hackerthon – 2nd time!
  • Worked on a 2nd project “Digital Tracts”.

Hackerthon 2017 Melbourne

  • We were overwhelem with a room full of developers in Melbourne offering to assist Walk Beside this year so we divied into multiple teams.
  • A team worked on researching cloud APIs that we plan to use. They documented data and API quirks.
  • Another team built actual prototype that we demonstrated a tri-media bible component.
  • A team of IT students investigated potential user interface designs for the course editor.
  • Ryan Seal (Colorado) developed video and audio player components for the tri-media prototype. Thanks Ryan!
  • Joshua Austin (Chicago) decided to merge with our project and join us long term.
  • We won the Melbourne Hackerthon!! One of the judges indicated he could see its potential use in his ministry and asked to kept informed.

Hackerthon 2016 Report

  • Ryan Seal (TWR South Africa) worked with assistance from Tony on a chat server optimised for low bandwidth, frequent dropouts and lower battery usage. The final app is desiged to either use this authenticated chat service or swap it for a cloud messaging service depending on the privacy and regional requirements of the teams we work with.
  • Bill Randall and Daniel Goer (Cru Florida) developed a working prototype of the chat and lesson user interation that allows a user to self select their media type.
  • Miheret Tilahun (Cru Florida) developed new user interface designs to assist a mentor or discipler in creating invitations and tracking disciple progress.
  • Tony O’Hagan(Power to Change Australia)  has gathered field user stories and feedback, developed the strategy, user experinces, user interfaces and researched software architectural solutions. He’s currently developing a production grade MVP release and thanks to the Indigitous Hackerton may now have a team to develop this ministry tool further!

Web Site:



Contacts we meet just once or via web sites or social networks. Can be scaled and adapted for online teams.
Mentors, Mentees.
Power to Change (Australia).


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    • Tony OHagan

      Hi Liam .. Nice to connect again!

      2 needs. I have an app logo I designed (got lots of icons generated of different sizes & colors) but I’ve found that it’s not really communicating very well. We won’t waste what I’ve as we can still use my icons in the app as lesson icons but really this needs a re-think. Needs the primary message better spelled out which is that we’re offering to “walk beside you” in your journey.

      I also have this site up with is just a template I bought visit walkbeside.org . Just pushed this up tonight. Again we can use either this template later when the app is done .. or we can use it NOW to tell the store. What I’d like to do is tell the story of what this app is all about in a kind of info graphic like format (scoll page to get the message), Fill in an expression of interest at the end (Mailchimp).

      I have a document I can send you that outlines the “use case” message for my app.

  1. Ali Llewellyn

    This project has been nominated for global judging for Indigitous #Hack! Please be reminded that your page must have all relevant information added no later than midnight CST on Friday, November 11 to be submitted to the judges. It must include (at minimum) a short project description, a link to the relevant website, repository or demo, a link to a (no more than) 2 minute video of the team pitching the project, and the information on all team members who collaborated. More information will give your team a better chance for judging. If you have questions, please speak to your local city lead.

    Great work on your project and we hope it continues to grow. Thanks for being part of the #Hack community and good luck!

    • Tony OHagan

      Hi Mark … As a virtual participant I recorded these two short videos (in Australia) so they could be used either side of the demo presentation given in Orlando however the demo itself was not recorded. Please contact me directly via Slack or PM if you’d like to know more.

      NOTE I had a full and hectic week prior to the deadline for project judging and with just a few hours to spare uploaded the videos above for the judging deadline. I also had to create a new web site in the same few hours 🙂 .

    • Tony OHagan

      That’s wonderful Diogo. I’m sorry it took me a while to see your message. Iv exist sent you a private message. I’m also a C#/ASP.NET developer doing Node. We’re now using VSCode and Typescript in this project. As you probably know Typescript feels very familiar to C# and JS coders.

    • Tony OHagan

      Hi Jim … yes we will be part of Hack next week attending in Melbourn but happy to work with remote team members. I think Ryan will also be joining us remotely. We will be coding a slice of this app for #Hack. will send you a PM with more details.

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