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This is to turn an African film series into a bible study app.  The film is here https://www.jesusfilm.org/watch/walking-with-jesus-africa.html/english.html

And can also be found on the JesusFilm Project app iOS and Android.  An elderly brother in Nigeria has developed bible study curriculum for 35 days, explain these major topics of our Christian lives; Assurance Of Salvation, Fellowship Of Believers, The Holy Spirit, Walking in the Spirit, Growing in Christ.  With this app, an online seeker can undertake a short bible study (10 days) or long (35 days) with the help of a coach.  This should be for a believer with a new life experience with Christ, but we shall make provision for everyone.

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  1. Sway Ciaramello

    Hello from the Jesus Film Project in Orlando, Florida!
    My name is Sway Ciaramello and I am the solution architect on the Jesus Film Digital Team. I would like to help you with what you are trying to do with a Walking with Jesus Bible Study app.

    How can I help during the hackathon (or before hand).
    Are you planning on doing an Android and/or iOS app?
    Native App?
    Do you want an API Key to our Arclight platform – which gains you API access to the Walking with Jesus films (and our entire library in all languages)?

    Please let me know if you would like an API (we need info about iOS vs Android vs Web API Keys) provisioned – please fill out this application and I will look to get you one for the hackathon. http://developer.jesusfilmmedia.org/

    Nigeria is +5 hours from Orlando – so I would need to coordinate a time for us to maybe do a google hangout call with the hack team working on this?


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