Provide pathways for discipleship at the moment of impact during a digital Gospel presentation
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Ruby on Rails Coders wanting to join, should message Howard Crutsinger.

Campaign = (insert media + discipleship/followup offering + invitation to local community) x Translatable in many languages of the world.

Turn your media content into connection opportunities. The advent of online ministry has blurred traditional structures of discipleship. Viewers simply finding Christian material does not automatically lead to disciples. In today’s digital age, we need a platform to bring people from online connection, into community and follow-up based around relationship.


How many times has someone sent you a link and encouraged you to “watch this!!!” ? The social web is built through shared experiences, and Christians are sharing compelling pieces of media in the hopes of starting spiritual conversations with friends and family. But what happens when someone clicks a link, watches the funny video or listens to the amazing talk or consumed a provocative podcast and is impacted? WatchThinkChat is an attempt to offer the viewer a contextualized pathway of follow-up/discipleship after watching compelling media.

WatchThinkChat is a custom campaign builder to create fully personalized websites offering discipleship pathways, in many of the world’s languages.

Example Campaign

Partially because 95% of Christians will never share their faith in their lifetime, was created. Launched as a multi-language campaign over Easter of 2015, over 1Million have visited. 98% of the visitors start the 4 minute #FallingPlates video Gospel presentation.

#FallingPlates makes it easy for Christians to to easily share the video in multiple languages, engage with friends, and point those people back to their ministry or church for further follow up and connection.

So we know a lot of people watched #FallingPlates, but are they moving? We know 26,142 people accepted the invite to start moving when subscribing to receive follow up content, in their language.

Plan of Action

WatchThinkChat is being developed in partnership with Cru Digital Strategies. and has recently been Beta tested over a year and a half. The fruits have encouraged us to the viability of the product and has led to the approval of continued development.

There are three phases to the next part of building out WatchThinkChat.

  1. Clean up the Campaign module which includes reworking the Admin panel and reporting structures. The goal is to make the setup and running of a new campaign as simple Wix, Weebly, or as setting up a Mailchimp account and sending out emails.

  2. Implement WatchThinkChat’s engine into large scale media experiences for viral films, like seeing thousands of visitors daily.

  3. Sort out branding. We need to change the name of the campaign builder because “Watch Think Chat” is not suffice. What do we call this, and how do we describe it?


We need your help to:

  1. Integrate additional embeddable video player: Youku (China’s equivalent of YouTube) and social media shareability to WeChat

  2. Dashboard / analytics
  3. Improve UI/UX for campaign owners to create campaigns

  4. Improve UI/UX for content owners of follow-up material to offer their content to visitors

  5. Linking subscribers to MissionHub (contact manager)

  6. Deploy on in a dozen new languages.

Interested in this project? Comment below what interests you and how you think you can help.

Likeminded believer, digital natives
digital natives, likeminded believers
available upon request.


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  1. Hermela

    I’m a university lecturer in economics and i would love to help in any way I can. I have friends who have been involved in your projects, i think I can help.

    • Howard Crutsinger

      @Ryan, yes. I think it would be very strategic to have a campaign where you can drive listeners to a digital space where they can dive deeper into media which can offer on-going growth steps.

      Radio >> web >> media >> subscribe for followup content >> share with their friends >> redirect to face-to-face or online community.

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