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Mission Media University, an online training platform that is “designed to help Christians to be more effective in making disciples and establishing churches,” has announced new training courses. Each course has limited openings for students to make it easier to connect with each other and the instructor, so you don’t want to take too long deciding whether you want to sign up. Each course will take five weeks to complete. Below are descriptions their upcoming courses; each of which are taught in the Fall and Spring:

Foundations for Media Strategy

Mission Media U - Foundations of Media Strategy

Foundations for Media Strategy is taught by Tom Khazoyan. The course description states, “It is no longer enough to tell the story you want to tell over traditional media or social media channels, and hope that you will connect with an audience.

We must learn to shape our strategies and our content to ‘pull’ people into conversations. We need to learn how to connect with audiences that filter and search for the stories they want to hear, based on their interests and desires. This requires a radical re-thinking on our part! We need an approach that can foster deeper connections and make “disciples who make disciples” to saturate a culture.”

You can find out more about the course and register here.

Story for Ministry

Mission Media U - Story for Ministry

Story for Ministry is taught by Jeremy Caspar. Though as Christians, we have the Greatest Story Ever Told, that doesn’t mean we always tell it well. “We rob God of His glory when we do not inspire people to consider the only Narrative that gives life abundant and eternal.” The course is a deep dive into the fundamentals of good storytelling and is aimed at teaching you how to better connect with your audience in a way that resonates with them.

You can find out more about the course and register here.

These courses are a combination of live online classroom learning and discussion, independent work, and time spent with mentors. There is a cost for enrolling in the courses, though discounts are available.

Mobiles in Mission online course

Mobile represents the most important technology available for Kingdom advancement today for individuals and organizations alike. This is a five-week online mentored course that will provide foundational training in using your mobile device for ministry, help you make connections with expert instructors and like-minded peers i the world, help you practice developing media for your own ministry context, and will provide resources for further direction after the course.  The course is taught by Keith Williams, director of Mobile Advance, an initiative of WEC International. Keith has assisted in the implementation of mobile ministry initiatives in more than 35 countries and has helped in the development, testing, and promotion of various innovative mobile ministry approaches. You can sign up for Mobiles In Mission: Using the Tool in Everyone’s Pocket here.

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