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No evangelism technique is as powerful as simply giving your testimony. Tell your story; talk about the pain, the frustration, the mistakes, and you’ll have people’s full attention. is a website designed to help Christians share their testimony and reach out to those who are struggling.

Christians create profiles on the website where they tell their story, focusing on difficult themes such as loneliness, depression, abuse, and addiction. They can then be contacted by anyone who is struggling with the same issues and are encouraged to share their story both online and offline using a profile card.

Someone who is lost and suffering can search for profiles of those who have dealt with the same pain, connect with that person, and start having a spiritual conversation, one that will hopefully lead them to a relationship with Christ. And all of it is done online, perfect for those who are too shy or ashamed to talk to someone in person about the issues they face.

Share your story.

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  1. Paul Cheesman

    my wife and I shared the story of our struggles in early married life on, on valentines day last year. It opened up more conversations with folk we are connected with (we posted it on FB) than anything else we did last year. give it a whirl.

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