Next steps after #HACK

Here are the next steps that anyone who attends Indigitous #HACK can take to continue their involvement in the community. We encourage you to provide these steps to everyone who attends your #HACK location.


Set up a time to meet with at least one person who you met at #HACK. Attend an Indigitous Meetup in your area. You can even start a monthly coffee hour!


Finish your #HACK project. You have made good progress on the project, but chances are it is not complete yet. Commit to spend more time each week or each month working on this project in order to move it forward to completion.


What did you learn? What was your experience like? You could post a blog or video to encourage others you know by sharing what God is doing around the globe.


Continue growing in how to use your God-given talents for the Kingdom. Attend our next Indigitous SESSIONS and sign up for our Indigitous STEPS email series.


Add value to your community by hosting an Indigitous event. These events come in all shapes and sizes. You can have a small Indigitous Meetup or a Digital Day of Outreach, or if you want something at a larger scale, host an Indigitous # event, which can be either a #Learn or a #Create event.

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