Siparia, Trinidad and Tobago:
Using tech to fill the gaps
Ariel W

What inspires me

I am inspired by purpose: 7billion+ people, 7billion+  unique fingerprints. I believe God has a place for each one of us in His Kingdom that no one else can fill; we all have a role in the global church and in impacting our world. Our unique craftsmanship means that there is a gap whenever we’re not where we’re meant to be. Partnership and community then brings the unique pieces together.

What I’m working on now:

I am currently a freelance web developer, working with OneHope on several projects, along with other clients, bridging the gap between their mission and technology. As an entrepreneur, I am currently working on a technology startup, helping small to medium business succeed in a digital age. My aim is to help lead the global church in utilizing technology to reach the ends of the earth.

How you can join me:

As a developer, I am always building tools to help the local and global church. You can join me in with an idea, development skills, or resources to help revolutionize the way technology is used in the church. Hit me up on instagram: or reach out to Let’s build together!

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