Manila, Philippines:
Making memes for Jesus
Billy S

What Inspires me: 

Diversity, culture, and hormone-pumping stories. I  see the world as a collection of stories. Stories from real people. I am fascinated by how it influences our lives. Since childhood, I grew up listening to bedtime stories, some storytelling jokes from older cousins and uncles, stories from my primary school teachers. And as I mature, stories of great people, epic movies, and short films greatly contributed to who I am now as a person. Most importantly, the story of a longtime pursuit of a loving God to His rebellious creations and how he demonstrated the ultimate act of love towards us. I believe that every screen is a person, a person that has a soul, and a soul that needs Jesus.

What I’m working on now:

I co-founded a social media page called Boiling Waters PH. Here we talk about love, dating, courting, relationships, moving on and memes. We have a presence in Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, iTunes, Spotify and a website, too. In Boiling Waters, we believe that our common denominator is love. Everyone goes through the season of dating, courtship, relationship, and being broken-hearted. Our target audience is mainly the unaware and the curious. We create and design our content to hit the 18-24 and the 25 -35 age groups.

Our Personas:

Mark: The player. He is sweet but can’t commit in a relationship. Jumps to one relationship to another.

Paul: The shy one. Insecure but has pure intentions.

Jane: Female version of Mark. Enjoys the attention of guys around her. Looking for love in the wrong places.

Christine: Strong, independent woman but so fragile when it comes to love and relationships.

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