Kampala, Uganda:
Getting Ugandans into church
Emmanuel N

What inspires me

I am inspired by the potential technology has to communicate the Gospel. It boils down to faith. I (we) have faith that God has called us and given us unique gifts to serve the world. Every day I get up and think, “What can I innovate, design, develop today that will affect a change in others?” I am inspired when I see people’s lives changed day by day with these tools and strategies that we innovate.

What I’m working on now 

I am a City Lead & Mentor at Indigitous Uganda. We are developing Bible Chatbot, Churchify — a GIS website that locates fellowship centers around Uganda, and the Express app, designed to serve as the initial environment to support the work of Cherish Uganda. We’re also having weekly mentorship training and monthly meetups, where we come together to pray for one another, think about technology, and continue to work on the available projects.

How you can join me

Feel free to reach out. We welcome anyone with any skills to join our community. If you’re interested in joining a project or staying updated, just contact me.

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