Manila, Philippines:
Leading digital missions in the Philippines
Jonah J

What inspires me

Seeing Christians being mobilized in missions and being on fire to share the Gospel in love and compassion makes my heart thump and my mind race. I am inspired by the unity of the church in investing their LIFE (Leadership, Influence, Finances and Expertise) and signifying their availability, especially when it transcends personal differences, by helping one another towards bringing the lost to Jesus.

What I’m working on now 

With specifics in software solutions and community building, I am a campaigner in Indigitous Philippines. Together with our team, I help explain different opportunities to offer, help, lead, and collaborate with other Christians, especially in the digital world. I believe that whatever God has given our hands to do, there is always a place for anyone in the techie picture of collaboration and disciple-making. We go to different cities around the country to vision-cast and connect potential community leaders to a bigger network, and journey with them in the next steps.

At the same time, together with a team, we are incubating #HACK projects through Indigitous Philippines Labs to hatch them for use as tools for discipleship. We are currently developing a mobile discipleship app (MobiDisc), and a website for missions (GoMultiply), to name a few.

How you can join me

We are always looking for people who are available, teachable, and have a heart (and mind, and hands) for God. If you are interested to “spawn” the leverage of technology to help win, build, and send people to go and make disciples in your city, do feel free to reach out to us– we are based in Manila, but with the internet, we can talk anywhere and anytime!

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